Shawn Carter also known as "Shice Mr. Talk Of Da Town" is a New York Brooklyn born native. He has lived in Brooklyn all of his life being raised in both the Brownsville and Flatbush sections. Coming up at a early age he always showed potential to be a entertainer. He always had charisma and a gift for putting smiles on people's faces starting with his personal audience, his family. From then he knew he had a gift to do what also makes him smile.

            As a early teen he worked in Coney Island at Astroland Amusement Park now known as Luna Park where he was a major ride operator, and there his gift and his love to interact with people was confirmed. He worked on rides such as the Break Dancer, Music Express, and the Pirate Ship and having to talk on a microphone for each gave him the passion to talk to people and make them comfortable and all the while enjoyable to be on the ride. During the time working at Astroland he also began doing street team work for a few major record labels, Priority , Def Jam, Loud, and Duck Down Records where he felt independence and fell in love with the night life and developed a stronger passion for music. It was then he would learn how that time spent there would change his life. Through Duck Down Records he was given tickets to a comedy club in Harlem, New York, where him and some friends became a regular part of the audience. He later became a part of the staff and learned some material which he took back to the amusement park on his day job and tried it on people to see their reactions. Again just confirming his gift and it didn't tip to bad either.

           His love for music and talking to people only seemed right to put it together and do what he does best. He started with local parties where people dared him to get on the mic and see what he can do and Shice being who he is would not turn down a chance to be heard, talk mess and get the crowd hype. From that point on he began working for NYPD with Community Outreach Unit where there he was connecting with the people in another way which helped them in life situations around the city. He motivates the youth to let them know they have a voice and is very impactful in doing so.  He is now bridging the gap with his love for entertaining and loving the community where he started at an early age. The man we know today as Shice "Mr.Talk Of Da Town". Is a man that loves the heart of people and finds joy in making them smile in any environment even in his down time with his family. His purpose is to find joy in anything and everywhere he goes.

               He is genuine, authentic and ultimately gets the job done with his charismatic personality with grace and class. He leaves his audiences feeling comfortable and so happy they came to the event. Shice is a Host of all events, including radio and television, hosting for HasBro Game Show, and now can be seen around the world as he travels with Carnival Cruise Lines doing what he does best... Host! Shice is a complete entertaining package. No matter what the event he can get the job done and he is positively impactful. His love for making people happy and to keep smiles on their faces, especially the kids, will not let him fail.

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